Dynamics AX is Accessible with Agile Implementation Approach

While choosing a new ERP system or upgrading an existing system is often a worth-while, game changing investment for a company, many “mid-sized” businesses are put off by the costs of implementation. This is understandable, with factors like new servers, training employees in the new system, and creating interfaces between new and existing systems adding up. This often keeps these mid-sized businesses from upgrading to a system like Dynamics AX, despite its obvious benefits. Socius, however, can provide another option.

Rather than rolling out an all at once, or “big-bang” implementation, many organizations are choosing to instead go with an “Agile” implementation. In contrast to the costly, all at once style of implementation Agile implementation is piecemeal, rolling out different systems at different times, as needed, and as affordable. This flexibility allows for an organization that may lack the resources to do a full big-bang project to instead implement vital systems first, or implement systems in one segment to test them before moving on to the next. Socius has also developed unique improvements designed to improve interface capability and workflow functions, getting businesses to their Go Live date faster and more effectively.

In addition to being better for controlling costs, Agile implementation also offers a superior timeline of implementation. Instead of a long, complicated planning process mandated by the sheer complexity of multiple systems, the segmented nature of Agile implementation means plans can be made on a system-by-system basis, greatly reducing the time (and cost) involved in the planning stages. It also eliminates the redundancy that comes from having to go through an entire planning cycle after every change made, since planning is going on along-side of development, rather than as two separate spheres.

Between the increased control of the implementation process, a decrease in man-hours needed in the planning stages, and unique improvements to the implementation process, choosing an Agile implementation through Socius cuts the cost of upgrading to a top-tier ERP system such as Dynamics AX, making it accessible to companies that it was previously closed off to.

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Source: CIO Review