Does ERP and CRM Software Integration ROI Outweigh the Risks?

Most midsized businesses purchased their ERP and CRM solutions separately and for different reasons.  If your organization fits into that category, you may be missing out on some tremendous benefits that integrating your ERP and CRM solutions can provide.  Integration is far from fool-proof, however, so before you embark on an integration project, you should make sure that integrating your solutions will result in greater returns than investment.

Figuring this out can be tricky.  That is why Socius teamed up with Alesa Lightbourne, Ph.D. to publish a new white paper on this topic entitled “Integrating Your ERP and CRM: Worth the Trouble?”  This white paper cites industry analysts and researchers as well as business executives who have successfully integrated their solutions and are reaping the anticipated benefits.

Download your complimentary copy of “Integrating Your ERP and CRM: Worth the Trouble?” today and see examples of how both Neundorfer, a clean technologies company near Cleveland, Ohio, and Divisions, Inc., a facilities management company outside of Cincinnati, Ohio, have streamlined business processes and financially benefited from their software integration projects.

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