Distributor Improves Process Visibility with SharePoint and Dynamics GP

Streamlining distribution processes and providing visibility across an organization are two of the strengths of Microsoft Dynamics GP.  But how do you extend those processes and that visibility to individuals in your organization that are NOT Dynamics GP users?

This was a problem that one of our clients, a leading medical equipment distributor, faced.

Their customers were requesting new products or items from their sales people or account managers.  However, they only way that sales people could get the ball rolling on those requests was to simply email their sales manager regarding the request.  Once the request was in the system, the sales people had no visibility into where the request was in the process or when the item would be delivered to the customer.  As you can imagine, this resulted in some serious frustration for both the customers and the sales people.

To alleviate this frustration, the distributor leveraged their SharePoint intranet site and Dynamics GP solution together.  We helped them establish a new process which enabled anyone to enter a New Item request in Dynamics GP via a form on SharePoint.  Through a workflow, the request is then routed to a sales manager for approval.  Once the item has been approved, all parties are notified of the status via email and are given visibility to see that the item has been added in GP.

See how it works in this video:

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