Data Intelligence: Getting Modern Means Getting out of Spreadsheet Hell

Data Intelligence: Getting Modern Means Getting out of Spreadsheet Hell

I was going into a client meeting and over heard two employees sharing stories about how they had outgrown Excel. They were essentially complaining that they needed real-time, actionable insights to move faster and gain data intelligence.

They went on to explain their current business reports take hours to create in Excel and the reports are outdated almost as soon as they’re produced because the reports are based on static data. They considered building analyses and conducting deep discovery in Excel a “time suck”. And, in this case, only a few employees know how to set-up complex formulas. Version control is even scarier with the risk of email and spreadsheet sharing without traceability.

They were anxious for data intelligence that didn’t require building pivot tables and computations on spreadsheets, but they didn’t know how to go about looking for a solution that would make sense for everyone and capture the right data for better business decisions.

Business intelligence and analytics software


There is a solution that lets’ you connect your data in a few clicks and get real-time insights through dashboards and visualizations, collaboration tools and natural language inquiries, fast and easily, in a secure application. You can also bring all your data together under one roof and get to it in minutes, instead of hours or days with Excel.

Collaborate with Your Team

This business intelligence and analytics software also collects and shares dashboards and reports in a workspace where you can either refine them or send them out to coworkers to further collaboration. Sharing and collaborating is fun and intuitive, not a long drawn out untraceable process with rounds of reviews.

Connect Your Data Sources

Regardless of skill level, you can connect data sources, start exploring and building the stunning visualizations. With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and a library of custom graphics, you can create dashboards to tell relevant stories that will support high-level decision-making.

Once you’ve built your reports and filled your dashboards, you can easily search through this data by simply asking a question in natural language, to instantly find what you’re looking for and improve data intelligence. Excel can’t touch that.

Analyze Your Data, from Anywhere

Plus, our business intelligence and analytics software solutions can be viewed right on your mobile device, streamed in real-time, text messaged or embedded into your website for faster decision making on the fly.

Modern ERP solutions integrate all this data into one single view in the cloud for anyone to see and use at anytime, anywhere. The ability to collect, organize, and analyze data in an actionable format gives your employees the knowledge they crave to do their jobs more efficiently and successfully.

Moving to the right business intelligence and analytics software solution isn’t complicated. You don’t need to be good with numbers. You don’t need to stop being a maverick, but, you do need the right partner to help find the right solution.

Find out how thousands of companies are making better decisions, faster. Get the guide to using business intelligence for decision making here.

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