Creating a New Record From Your Outlook Inbox

Using Dynamics CRM, you can quickly and easily create a new record from an email in your Outlook inbox. If you also have IPM project management, that functionality extends to all the IPM record types as well. With a few simple clicks, you can move from your Outlook inbox to creating new records, and then be right back in your email – all with a single sign-on.

Here is an example of how it works:

You receive an email with a question from a client (Alfred). You decide to create a new RFI record to hold the information and to send out inquiries. Right from within the email itself, you can create the new record.

To create the RFI:

1. From within the email, select “Set Regarding” in the menu bar.

2. Choose the type of record.

  • In our example, we’ll choose RFI as our record type.
  • You may see the record type you want in the drop-down list. If this is the first time you’re choosing a specific record.


3. Select the type record. (For our example, we’re choosing RFI.)

4. To create a new record, select “New.”

5. The new RFI form appears on the screen.

  • Fill in as many details as you want, being sure to fill in the required fields at a minimum.

6. Close the new RFI.

7. The RFI you just created will be highlighted in the Lookup Window. Click Add.

8. The email is now attached to the new RFI record you created. It will appear in the Activity Feed on the record.


If you have the IPM software within your Dynamics CRM, you also have access to even more functionality designed to make your job easier and you more productive. When you send out an RFI request (by clicking the “send email” button on the RFI record), IPM creates an email with all of the RFI information included.

Even better, it also includes space in the email for a response and recognizes the response in a return email. If you have the email scraping feature enabled, IPM will pick up the return email and copy the information in the “Response” block to your RFI record in IPM.


Although we used an RFI in this example, you can add any IPM or CRM record from your Outlook Inbox by using this method. When the lookup window appears, you will have the option to select any entity in use in your system (step 3 above).