Cloud based field service management

The Benefits of Connecting Your ERP and CRM to Your Field Services in the Cloud

Disparate software systems for ERP, CRM, and Field Service leave you with silos of information and the need to enter the same data three times into three software systems increases the risk of errors. View our short video below to learn how connect ERP, CRM, and Field Service and it will transform the way you do business once and for all. Or, read on…

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a powerful ERP and CRM native cloud solution. You don’t have to purchase any hardware because it’s all in the cloud. And you don’t have to purchase any software because Business Central is a monthly subscription service. You subscribe to and pay for only those components that you need. Business Central integrates your back office ERP with your front office CRM. It also integrates seamlessly with FieldConnect to meet all of your field service management (FSM) needs.

The Power of FieldConnect

FieldConnect is a leading provider of mobile workforce management solutions to field service businesses. FieldConnect’s innovative and intuitive mobile workforce management solutions transform field service businesses by creating operational efficiencies, providing real-time information, and improving the customer experience.

FieldConnect is the solution that integrates all of the customer data from your ERP – from the field, front office, and back office – for a total, real-time view, in the cloud, from anywhere, any time, on any device.

The benefits of FieldConnect Online include:

  • Cloud model that allows for faster deployment
  • Leverage built-in service management capabilities
  • ERP-agnostic – use the ERP solution that you have or the one you want
  • Supports digital transformation for your business
  • Captures information in a manner that allows for analysis and insights

No more silos of information. No more triplicate data entry. Complete visibility. It’s what you’ve been waiting for to transform your field service business.

Want to learn more about FieldConnect? Contact our field service consultants today.

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