Charts & Excel in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013

Any lists in Dynamics NAV 2013 have the option to be viewed as a chart.  You also have the option to toggle back and forth between the chart and list view.  This gives you the flexibility to see your business information in the manner that suits your needs best while still giving you the freedom to drill into the detail on that information.

Additionally, Dynamics NAV 2013 has an Excel button in the ribbon that allows you to take the contents of any list and drop it into Microsoft Excel instantly.  This is helpful for exporting and analyzing data outside of Dynamics NAV.  Additionally, if you make any changes to the records in a particular list that you’ve exported to Excel from within Dynamics NAV, that Excel workbook will include a Refresh button that enables the data to sync from Dynamics NAV and update the Excel workbook.

See both of these helpful functions in this quick video:

To see all of “What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013,” watch our recent webinar on-demand here.

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