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It’s not easy being GREEN … in Construction

  It’s not easy being green….-Kermit the Frog Are your construction and engineering departments working to leverage technology? Many customers today want to maximize the benefits found with GREEN construction, which means contractors need to be able to track subcontractors with GREEN experience and capabilities, specify GREEN standards, and ensure compliance. Keeping track of all this…

How to Streamline Onboarding Contractors with SBS Group and KwikTag

Are your current processes negatively impacting customer service? Let’s look at an example of a tailored KwikApps developed for an ImageTag client who wanted to gain control of their contractor onboarding process. Here is an example of how: They raised general manager productivity in the field by 30% All independent contractor (IC) files are centrally…

Will Your Organization Survive Corporate Adolescence?

This guest blog from Navigate‘s founding partner, Bill Sharer, defines what it means to be a corporate adolescence and helps you identify 5 points to tell if your organization is going through that phase. Without even defining corporate adolescence, you can figure out what it means. It’s a term I like to use to describe that awkward…

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV, You’ll Get Quality Results in Less Time at Less Cost

As warehousing and distribution channels grow increasingly complex, efficient management of the supply chain becomes even more critical to profitability and customer satisfaction. Manufacturers and distributors need an integrated business management solution that can connect information from across the organization and increase visibility throughout the supply chain. Microsoft Dynamics NAV for warehouse management is an…

Best Practices for AEC Project Estimating and Risk Management

In the highly competitive AEC marketplace, knowing and anticipating a project’s expenses correctly provides a definite advantage when competing for a contract. But, even in the best of circumstances, cost estimating is complicated and there are myriad risks and uncertainties to consider. Delivering high-quality cost estimates depends heavily on the quality of data, for example,…

How to Improve Your Billable Utilization By Up to 10% Per Year With a PSA Solution

SPI Research, a research and consulting firm specializing in the services sector, defines Professional Service automation as an integrated suite of applications used to increased operational visibility and improve resource management, project management and time and expense capture in professional services organizations. In order to increase operational visibility, PSA requires organizations to share information. In…