Calculate Your Costs for ERP in the Cloud

For a lot of companies, the decision whether or not to choose an ERP solution in the cloud comes down to cost.  Cloud ERP solutions enable you to:

  • Avoid expensive up-front hardware acquisitions or updates
  • Keep to a predictable, monthly, per-user payment schedule
  • Get software maintenance without annual fees
  • Take advantage of software updates without paying for additional services

With Cloud Services by Socius, it is easier than ever to anticipate the costs you will incur with a cloud ERP solution.  Through our new site, you can request a pricing quote on any of our ERP solutions.  If you are considering a new purchase of Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can use our pricing tool to get a total picture of what your company will pay for the solution.  Customize your pricing to the functionality and user counts you will need to see exactly what Microsoft Dynamics GP in the cloud will cost you monthly and what your one-time start-up fee will be.

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