Business intelligence solutions for growers

Better Business Analytics for Growers

Are you’re looking for a way to take your business to the next level? Taking advantage of business intelligence helps you react faster and make better business decisions based on data that has been processed for your benefit. Utilizing Power BI within Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Agriware provides advanced greenhouse analytics and gives you the…
LINKFRESH software for fresh food producers

Things, They are A-Changin’ for Fresh Food Producers and Distributors

One thing’s consistent in today’s food supply chain: things are always changing (or a-changin’ if you are a Bob Dylan fan). From regulatory requirements to customer expectations, fresh food producers and distributors must constantly adjust to change. Supply chain companies are constantly striving to maintain a supply of quality raw produce in the face of…
Greenhouse management software: production and labor costs

Greenhouse Grower Production and Labor Costs Increasing – What are you Doing to Improve your Operation’s Profitability?

Greenhouse Grower recently published an article about the rising production costs for greenhouse growers – #1 being the cost of labor. The cost of doing business continues to increase for grower operations, and unless something changes and soon, it’s going to drive more horticultural businesses out of the game. Input prices are rising, including the…
Floral Greenhouse Workers with Tablet

How Greenhouse Growers Can Overcome Barriers to Business Growth

In our years of working with greenhouse growers, we’ve seen some common threads among the barriers they experience when striving for business growth. If you are a greenhouse grower looking to move your business forward, you may find that you’re being held back by some of these same barriers. Current Systems Not Supporting Your Needs…

Labor Planning for Growers with Dynamics NAV

Planning and keeping track of labor needs can be a challenge for greenhouse grower organizations. With so much time and energy tied up in keeping track of product and other resources, any tool to give your organization an edge can be vital. With Dynamics NAV with Agriware growers get powerful tools to help organize, track,…

Planning Your Greenhouse Spaces with Dynamics NAV

Allocating, organizing, and planning out space in Greenhouses is often a difficult and time consuming challenge for Greenhouse Grower industries. Keeping track of what product is where, and in what state, can be difficult enough, but when trying to plan for the future it can become a tangle of data, and a real headache for…

Managing Greenhouse Production in Dynamics NAV

One difficulty many greenhouse growers face is dealing with the often-disparate data required to keep track of production needs. By switching to Microsoft Dynamics NAV with Agriware grower-based businesses can cut down on these headaches with its powerful production management tools. Dynamics NAV features a Jobs function, with tabs for Production Scheme and Activity Schemes,…

Better Forecasting for Greenhouse Growers with Dynamics NAV

The ability to accurately predict forthcoming needs is vital to any company, but can be especially difficult for Greenhouse Growers. With so many factors to consider, it is vital that your company’s software can accurately forecast the resources, time, and capital needed for each order. With its top of the line forecast planning, Dynamics NAV…

5 Reasons Greenhouse Growers Need ERP Instead of Excel

For many businesses Microsoft Excel has become the primary data source for their company. While Excel is a powerful and useful tool, using it as a primary data source is rarely, if ever, a good idea. Businesses with specific needs, such as Greenhouse Growers, would be far better served by a full-scale ERP Solution such…