Decoding Error Log Files

All of us encounter errors from time to time, and sometimes they are a bit tough to troubleshoot. By reading the Log File attached to an error message, you can glean some useful information that may help point the way toward a solution. The error you see in the picture below is fairly common. We…

It’s not easy being GREEN … in Construction

It’s not easy being green….-Kermit the Frog Are your construction and engineering departments working to leverage technology? Many customers today want to maximize the benefits found with GREEN construction, which means contractors need to be able to track subcontractors with GREEN experience and capabilities, specify GREEN standards, and ensure compliance. Keeping track of all this…

Merging Duplicate Records in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Duplicate records happen to the best of us, no matter how well-defined our data management procedures. And deleting those extra records could cause issues such as losing connections, data and links throughout your system. Instead of deleting, consider merging your duplicates instead. This allows you to retain information from both of the records (including connections to other…

Sharing (and Un-Sharing) A View in Dynamics CRM 2015

Talina Galloway, SBS Group’s CRM team lead, describes how to share and un-share a view in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015.   This blog covers Sharing and Unsharing Views in all versions of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015. This information can also be used for the CRM 2013, but all screenshots are from CRM 2015 and may…

How to Setup IPM Documents Uploader Desktop Application

Step One: Download and extract the software Download the zip file from and unzip to a folder. Step Two: Install the software Right click the IPM Documents Uploader Setup32.exe or setup64.exe and Run as Administrator. NOTE: You must have Administrator Privileges on your local machine in order to do this. Please talk with your…

Determine Your Version Of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Outlook Client

In our last blog post, How to Determine Your Version of Microsoft CRM, Talina Galloway, SBS Group’s CRM team lead, described how to determine which version of Microsoft CRM you are using. Today, she will show you how to determine your version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Outlook Client. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a mature product that…
Dynamics CRM version

How to Determine Your Version Of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

In our last blog post, Which CRM Installation Type is Right For You?  we outline the different types of CRM installations. Today, we’ll you how to find out your version of CRM.   Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a mature product that has been updated many times. From our last blog post, we talked about the multiple…
How to determine the best type of CRM installation for your business

Which CRM Installation Type Is Right For You?

Different Types of CRM Installations   On Premise CRM This is the traditional software implementation. Microsoft Dynamics CRM licensing and the hardware needed to run it are purchased up front and managed on-site by the customer, who owns all material and is responsible for its use and maintenance. Up-front costs can be a pain point…