Smartlist Updates in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2

Two features have been added to the Smartlist with the upgrade to GP 2015 R2. A new Workflow 2.0 option will allow for the approval of new SQL Views created through SmartList Designer and now the Debit Amount column will display before the Credit Amount column in the Account Summary and Account Transaction default SmartLists. SmartList Designer View…

Dynamics GP 2015 New Features Breakdown

The recent release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 brings many new features to ERP. Dynamics GP, which has become a mainstay among small and medium sized businesses, introduces a number of new financial and management features. Among the new features are: Expanded workflows – Since most businesses like getting things done faster and more efficiently,…

Get the 4-1-1 on Migrating Forms to CRM 2015

You may remember that just before the release of CRM 2013, Microsoft released a new form design. However, they allowed users to retain the function and layout of CRM 2011 forms, known as V5 forms, if they upgraded. Microsoft has extended this capability into the release of CRM 2015. That means, if you are on…

Dynamics GP Tip: Excel Conditional Formatting

Understand your results more effectively by using Excel Conditional Formatting: The Excel Conditional Formatting feature can be used to highlight cells that meet certain criteria.  In this example, item with a Quantity Available less than or equal to zero are highlighted in yellow. Conditional Formatting can be found on the Home tab. Use the pre-defined…

Overview of Microsoft Dynamics E-Learning

Interested in learning more about your business’ Microsoft Dynamics ERP software? If your business is currently enrolled in a Dynamics Service Plan, you have access to E-Learning for Microsoft Dynamics simply by signing onto CustomerSource. Don’t have a sign-in? Get started by creating a sign-in for CustomerSource. This is a great way to get new…