6 ERP Implementation Best Practices

Implementing an ERP solution is an intensive and extensive process that can affect almost every area of your business.  Due to its far reaching nature, there are plenty of areas where setbacks can occur in your ERP implementation.  In order to avoid these setbacks, and the associated costs that can go with them, you should…

Distributors: Be Prepared for Better Manufacturer Visits

When it comes to running any business operation, it is imperative to keep in mind the key factor to success — healthy and trustworthy relationships. When relationships are not properly maintained and managed, this leads to a gap in communication and efficiency between manufacturers and distributors. Fortunately, though, with a laser-focused business management system, it becomes…

Make the Reasons for your ERP Implementation Match the Results

The drive to have something new is a powerful force, but it’s also one that can create significant challenges in a business if it is not refined into a specific business reason with doable phases and accomplishments. Interestingly, the ability to have a new information system and replace and old database or ERP network is…