Using Cube Functions in Excel to Create MTD

Cube Functions inside Excel are really powerful tools for cube reporting, especially when you realize that you can leverage MDX within the functions to make some very useful calculations. Today, I will describe how you can use the CUBESET function to calculate Month To Date values, even when there are no MTD defined measures. First, let’s…

FRX adding Vertical Lines to a Report

Apparently, every 4 years I get asked this FRx question, “How do you create vertical lines on an FRx report?”  So I am blogging a reminder to myself so that in 2014 I can Google search it and read my own notes.    Well, by then we’ll all be on Management Reporter…Right?  And after my colleagues…

Smartlist Builder, SQL View and a Linked Server

While building a custom Smartlist using a SQL view and Smartlist Builder on a “Linked Server” I ran into an Error.  Ever seen this one before?  I’m sure some of you out there have since it has been around for a while. Since the ANSI_NULLS and ANSI_WARNINGS are hard coded as Off; consequently, the view created could…