Agriware Helps You Share Knowledge, Reduce Risks

When cultivating products, high quality is essential. The quality of procured materials, growing plants and outgoing deliveries have to be guaranteed. Agriware business essentials offers the possibility to record quality monitoring and execute quality checks.


An observation can be recorded via the app on mobile or a tablet. Depending on the type of observation, the person responsible is informed. That person assesses the situation and determines the follow-up in the form of an assignment.


Agriware also offers the possibility to plan preventive checks and periodical checks. It can be determined at which point the checks have to take place and what needs to be recorded.


All registrations are added to the consignment record system so that for every batch it is known what has been detected and how it has been handled.

Agriware supports quality improvement and offers insight in the growth deviation of batches.

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