A Trusted Technology Partner is More Important Than Ever for Cloud Based Systems

How did you select the last software system you purchased? Did you read about its capabilities, ask for a demo or talk to other current customers about their experience?

Those processes for system selection may have been enough for previous technology implementations. Now, however, the conversion to cloud based systems may require additional investigation, research and support.

When you migrate an on premise system to a cloud platform you’ll need a technology partner who can advise you not only about the software your team will utilize, but also whether the cloud based infrastructure will support the software and integrate with your other systems. This initiative also requires decisions on security, backup, and scalability for future growth.

The primary Enterprise Resource Planning software companies have direct sales and implementation teams. Should you work directly with them?

Or, should you find an implementation and ongoing support partner who has expertise with customer’s needs which are similar to your requirements and industry processes?

Here are some of the top technology partner selection criteria you should review before making a selection:

  • Industry experience with your data and processes
  • Same time zone for direct support during the business day
  • Number of current cloud customers (some vendors are just getting into providing these services and have little experience)
  • Implementation processes documented and repeatable which include integration to other systems and implementation of independent service vendor (ISV’s) modules
  • Capabilities, responsiveness and cost of ongoing support service level agreements

The difference between an implementation completed on time versus delayed and incomplete can have as much as a 10% impact on revenue growth over the first three to five year period.

One of the primary causes of IT implementations delivering less than expected are when the technology driven processes are not well aligned with how your business operates. A good partner can help you translate all of your industry specific business processes into the most efficient and automated cloud based system. Without an experienced partner you may spend more than necessary and miss out on specific automation techniques with wireless and mobile which could improve your overall bottom line.

Socius has an experienced Cloud Manager and implementation team. Their implementation methodology has been customized for cloud ERP systems. Contact Socius to discuss your requirements and industry specific processes today.

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