Vision Care software Q and A

A CFO’s View of Transitioning from On-Prem ERP to Business Central in the Cloud

A quick Q&A with Angie Carlton of Vision Care Center

With four locations in northeast Arkansas and 10 doctors on staff, Vision Care Center provides medical eye care, glasses, contacts, and more for hundreds of patients each day. The business recently made the transition from an on-premises ERP system to cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. We asked Angie Carlton, CFO of Vision Care Center, about the change.

Q:    What is one of the biggest differences between what you had before and what Business Central offers now?

A:     I really love the reporting capabilities of Business Central. With its dimensions function, I can easily slice and dice the data any way I want and get the meaningful, accurate reports I need to make decisions. It’s so much easier than trying to build custom reports in our old system.

Q:    We understand that for some businesses, moving to a cloud-based system is a big change. What did you think about the transition?

A:     Coming off a traditional, on-premises system, I found it easy to adjust to cloud-based Business Central. At first, I missed the menus of my previous system, but after training I realized Business Central’s think-it-type-it-find-it search feature is a much more efficient navigation option.

Q.     What recommendations do you have for other businesses looking to make the change to Business Central?

A.     I would recommend choosing a partner who has the means for making the transition smooth. For example, training. The training my team got from Velosio in the Business Central system was superior. Their consultants were patient with us, helped us overcome mental blocks, and taught us how to personalize and customize the solution to meet our needs and preferences.

Q:    Overall, was the experience what you expected?

A:     Yes, our partner Velosio made a big difference. They made the implementation of Business Central easy. It flowed really well despite our ambitious timeframe and tight go-live schedule. They helped us meet our implementation milestones and stay on budget.

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