6 Dynamics CRM 2016 Highlights We Got Excited About at eXtreme CRM

RobULast week was the annual eXtremeCRM conference in San Diego, and it was a great opportunity to get a live demo sneak peek into Dynamics CRM 2016. While we knew about some of the new features and functionality that will be released, this was the first time we saw these features in demos. Here are the highlights of what I was most excited to see:


FantasySalesTeam Engages Entire Organization in Sales Success

Need a way to motivate your sales team? FantasySalesTeam is sales contest application that enables a company-wide gamification of the sales process. This is a process where completing tasks, such as generating leads; making calls; closing sales; etc.’ rewards the “owners” and “players” points. Like in any fantasy sport. The other employees are the “owners” while the sales team are the “players”. At the end of this process, the owners and the players can earn a prize or incentive for doing well. This will keep the entire sales team involved more, unlike other sales goals where once members start falling behind are less enticed to perform well, because the entire company can see how they are preforming. FantasySalesTeam will be one of the many features that include the “try before you buy” model.

Next Level Mobile

Mobile, which was released in CRM 2013, was revamped in 2015 and again in 2016 and future versions. Three key takeaways designed for usability include the addition of a task based workflows, complete off-line availability and useful dials for numerical data entry. The task based workflow in particular will help a user quickly add small pieces of data at key moments in time. For instance, immediately following a meeting a sales rep can enter a quick note and follow up task – even if their device is not connected. More than ever it is extremely user friendly and aligned to the type of environment users are growing accustomed.

IDX Extends CRM Licenses Outside Your Organization

With the acquisition of IDX by Microsoft, Dynamics CRM users will be able to take your CRM and extend it online to your channel partners and subcontractors. It’s the central hub to connect those outside of your organization, building communities, allowing access to documents like datasheet, distributing leads and more. This will allow these partners to enter information into CRM without you having to purchase additional licenses.

Amazing Field Service with Field One

Field One, which is a native application to CRM that works seamlessly on mobile is embedded in CRM 2016. This will benefit field service teams with the addition of a schedule board, work orders and a rich mobile experience. With this schedule board, you will be able to see all of your service representative’s schedules (exactly where they will be, when, and including travel time). This will also allow your company to change schedules on the fly for urgent issues, and immediately inform field technicians. GPS enablement allows users (including customers) see the technician’s route and timing. Since this is embedded in CRM 2016, it is already included free of charge.

Parature Changes the Customer Service Game

Last year Microsoft acquired Parature and now they have embedded key components into CRM. This will be great for customer service, because it will allow CRM users to search for knowledge base articles allowing for answers to be found fast and efficiently.

Universal Search

Topping it all off, CRM to become a universal search engine. You will no longer be required to go into each specific entity or area to find what you are searching for. You can search across all accounts, leads, opportunities, and documents to find the information you need with a single click.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has always been a top of the line product, but with all of these new features coming to CRM 2016, there is a lot to be excited about!