5 Reasons to Consider Cloud ERP

Over the last few years, more and more organizations have been adopting Cloud ERP (or SaaS) solutions, especially in the midmarket.  While it is important to remember that you should never select a mission critical application, like your ERP system, based solely on deployment method, there are some key benefits to deploying the ERP solution that best fits your business needs in cloud.

The Aberdeen Group identified these key reasons that midmarket organizations are choosing Cloud ERP solutions:

Collaboration – Growth in the number of locations is a huge trend for midmarket organizations.  Along with that comes a greater need to collaborate across those locations.  A Cloud ERP solution is easily deployed across multiple locations and enables all of individual locations’ data to be stored, processed, and reported on from a single central location – giving employees visibility and enhancing business processes.

Scalability – The midmarket business environment requires agility both in the operations of an organization as well as in the systems that support and manage the operations.  That is why the ease of scalability of a Cloud ERP solution is so appealing – it can grow and adapt with the organization.

Global Workforce – An increasingly global workforce, across multiple timezones in midmarket businesses also lends itself to the anytime, anywhere access to real-time data that a Cloud ERP solution provides.

Quick Response – Many midmarket organizations are being limited by outdated technology and infrastructure that forces them to wait for information to be delivered.  However, Cloud ERP solutions make information available in real-time so that business decision makers can respond quickly, all without the expense and frustration of updating their infrastructure.

IT Staffing Issues – Organizations that are struggling to recruit or retain IT staff, those that do not otherwise have a need for internal IT staff, or those that are strapped for cash and unable to hire IT staff just to support their ERP solution find the self-sufficiency they gain by having a Cloud ERP solution that does not require in-house IT support to be a great benefit.


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