4 Signs Quickbooks is Costing You Sales

In order to keep up with demanding customers and competitors, you need to have the ability to show real-time stock levels, order status, delivery tracking, and quickly updated orders online. If you are still running on a desktop system like Quickbooks, you may find yourself quickly losing sales and falling behind your competition. NetSuite offers cloud-based products and services that enable your team to easily and safely work with real time data.

Here are 4 warning signs you are losing sales and indicate it is time to reconsider your current system:

  1. Your customer service is creating more irritated customers than happy ones. When your customer service agents do not have up-to-date information at the touch of a button, your customers get put on hold. With a system like Quickbooks, agents are limited in the information they can give to your customers because it is just simply not available in the system or it has to be continually updated.
  2. Customers don’t know what stock you have or where it is, and sometimes neither do you. If you find yourself running out of stock in one location while the same SKU sits somewhere else, it can be difficult for your customers to order and have it delivered in an acceptable amount of time. Without real time access to stock trends and availability, you are losing sales.
  3. There is no online option for customers and vendors to self-service information. Quickbooks may have you at a disadvantage because you are unable to give customers the ability to look up stock availability, place or change orders, and check their order status online.
  4. It is difficult for you to collect and filter customer data for sales campaigns. With Quickbooks, you have no way to track responses to the regular campaign emails you may be sending out. When you have to spend time filtering through customer data, you have already lost sales.

If you find yourself experiencing the headache that comes from experiencing any of these warning signs, it may be time to look for new alternatives to your current system. With the cloud-based products and services offered by NetSuite, it is easier than you think to increase sales and boost your bottom line.