What Can Bar Coding do for Your Business?

Once just a luxury that only big companies with big budgets could afford, now with today’s advancements bar coding technology is becoming more available for small to midsized businesses. This technology is a great advantage and can help to improve the overall quality of your manufacturing or distribution processes. With bar coding, you are able to get an up-to-date status on individual items within your supply chain, giving you and your customers more accurate visibility. Unlimited amounts of information can be held and read within a simple bar code. Where ever there is a person picking, shipping, receiving, or counting inventory, bar coding can be used. There are many reasons to discover why bar coding is so valuable for your business.

  1. Fast, Accurate, Automated – Bar coding makes it easier to transfer data to your Sage 100 ERP system because this technology is all automated. The error rate of a bar code scanner is only about 1 in 3 million. This removes any chance of human error when it comes to manually entering data into your system.
  2. Happier Customers, Happier You – With a more accurate system in place, the satisfaction rate of your customers will be much higher. The chance that a customer will receive an over/under shipment or an incorrect order due to an error in the data entry is reduced significantly. That means for you that there will be no additional shipment costs for returns, no added labor hours to re-process these items, no increased cost due to warranty claims, and no more unhappy customers.
  3. Go Beyond the Warehouse – Manufacturers who implement bar coding use it on the shop floor by scanning a routing sheet to track work-in-process materials and labor. Others use bar coding technology for an easier payroll data entry when tracking employee work time and attendance. And others use it to help lower their property taxes by tracking physical assets.
  4. ‘Soft’ Benefits – Eliminate tedious jobs by automating things like data entry to boost workers’ morale. Gain more control over the lifecycle of products in order to provide customers with more up-to date information.
  5. Variety of Solutions – Because all businesses are unique and require different solutions, there is a wide variety of options available. With today’s advancements in technology, availability of bar coding is becoming easier to implement and use

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