3 QuickBooks Technology Concerns Distracting You from Doing Business

With a desktop system such as QuickBooks, you are limited to what your software can do. Because of this, you may find yourself adding new layers of technology to preform daily activities QuickBooks cannot. This can end up slowing down your business and be costly to maintain.

NetSuite is a cloud-based, on-demand system, built from the ground up in order to provide businesses with the flexibility needed to run successfully. Without the need to maintain additional technologies and systems on top of QuickBooks, you can be ready to seize new opportunities.

Here are 3 QuickBooks concerns that distract you from running your business successfully:

  1. High costs and disruption to daily business are keeping you from implementing upgrades to your current system. As you keep putting off improvements and necessary upgrades, you’re falling behind on giving your employees and customers the ability to access necessary information on the web or on a mobile device. With NetSuite, you will always have the most up-to-date software.
  2. You are nervous to invest in new technology because of past experiences. If in the past, you have set aside working capital for new technology investments and have seen little to no return, it may hinder you from trying again. Don’t let failed investments hold you back. With NetSuite, you will have proven results safely, and quickly.
  3. Data security, server failures, malware, and faulty backups are constantly on your radar. If your financial data is located in QuickBooks and scattered around on additional spreadsheets, you have opened your business up to some serious problems. When you find that you can’t sleep at night because you are worrying about your data, put your mind to ease with NetSuite.

Technology concerns are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to ways that QuickBooks could be holding your business back from reaching its full growth and revenue potential.  Discover more areas that you can optimize with NetSuite in this eBook.