Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales: Connectivity Is Everything

CRM systems hold so much promise. And yet, the statistics around the rate of failure are daunting, with limited adoption often cited as the reason. Our research has shown that the underlying reason for limited adoption is actually a lack of connectivity.

Connectivity Is Everything

It’s not just about connecting people, places, and things, although those connections are important. In our digital age, all of our business systems need to be connected. Think about all of the different systems you have in place and the people who use them. What systems are used the most by your finance team? What systems are used the most by your operations team, your sales team, your executive management team?

At first glance it may seem like there is no overlap, no commonality. But that’s not true, because absolutely everyone uses email. Velosio’s SalesConnect, a CRM add-on, creates an intelligent connection between Office 365, Exchange, or Gmail and Dynamics 365.

SalesConnect 365

Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, SalesConnect leverages artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and the power of the Microsoft Intelligent Cloud to make CRM work for executives, department managers, administrators, sales teams – everyone!

SalesConnect simplifies the CRM experience and provides everyone in the organization with a revolutionary level of clarity, transparency, and confidence in customer information, opportunity and pipeline status, and forecast accuracy by virtually eliminating manual data entry, subjective value assessments, and static analytics.

AI-Enabled Intelligence

SalesConnect continually pulls data and captures business intelligence from emails, events, and documents across your organization, adding and enriching accounts, contacts, opportunities, and leads with engagement insights.

AI-Driven Insights and Guidance

SalesConnect delivers insights based on algorithmic-based analytics through role-based dashboards and in-context insights. It provides objective views into relevant data and gives you clarity and visibility into customer value and buying behaviors, opportunity probabilities and timelines, sales pipelines, team and individual performance, and organizational KPIs.

Native Cloud

SalesConnect is built for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales and native to the Microsoft Intelligent Cloud. It’s easy to deploy, simple to configure and manage, and unique in how it can virtually eliminate the cost and complexity of deployment and integration.

Download the fact sheet to learn more about SalesConnect features, capabilities, and plans.

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