How Greenhouse Growers Can Overcome Barriers to Business Growth

In our years of working with greenhouse growers, we’ve seen some common threads among the barriers they experience when striving for business growth. If you are a greenhouse grower looking to move your business forward, you may find that you’re being held back by some of these same barriers.

Current Systems Not Supporting Your Needs

First and foremost, if you have technology systems or business processes in place that force you to rely heavily on manual processes and/or are highly dependent on Excel, then you are isolating information. These “islands of information” prevent you from gaining valuable insights that would help you make critical decisions that empower you to move your business forward.

Business Growth Barriers

The most common barriers to business growth that we see in the horticulture industry center around a lack of insight into the following areas:

  • Availability of plants from production to sales – having a production plan that isn’t readily available to the sales team can dramatically reduce the productivity of your sales resources who are they trying to play “catch up” instead of having informed conversations with potential customers.
  • Sales process through production – if sales is booking orders for products that aren’t or won’t be available when promised, that can cause a major black-eye for your business.
  • Labor planning based on production – with the demand for skilled labor at a premium, if you don’t have an insight-driven labor plan based on your production plan, you could easily end up over-spending on labor.
  • Resource and space requirements based on production planning

Additionally, back office sales processes that rely on manual processes, are paper-based, and experience frequent changes all leave you vulnerable to errors.

Fortunately, there is a solution!

The better you can align your people, processes, and systems, the better your odds of clearing these barriers and achieving your business growth goals.

Velosio has a solution based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Agriware that empowers you to overcome these barriers and transform your business so that you are positioned for growth.

To learn more, join us for a webinar “Don’t Just Grow Your Plants, Grow Your Business” on January 31st at 2:00pm ET.

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