User Experience Updates for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018

Since the roll out of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018, there has been a lot to discover with this unique enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. Users asked for improved features and an enhanced user experience, and it was delivered with this latest software release. Here are a few of our favorite Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 features that will transform your user experience:


New Data-viewing Options

You can now sort and view the data you desire with this new feature. Some options available include sorting by type, document date, document number, document amount, and amount remaining.


SmartList Password Protection

You created a SmartList yesterday only to discover someone had modified it without letting you know. Well, you can now prevent undesired changes by placing a unique password on your SmartList.


Payments Replaces Checks

Do you call it checks or cheques? The argument doesn’t matter anymore as these windows are now called Payments. You still get the same functionality, the only difference is the name change for these windows.


One Prompt for Password

In the past, the system would ask you to re-enter the password every time you decided to navigate to a different protected area of Dynamics GP. Now, you don’t have to worry about that. You can navigate into these protected areas without having to type in the password over and over again, so long as you don’t start a new session.


Web Client Enhancements

Some new features can be found in the Web Client window to deliver a better user experience. One enhancement is the ability to use the autocomplete function for fields. Simply begin typing in a value for a field and a drop-down menu with possible selections will appear. Another new feature is the bank reconciliation window. This tool eliminates the need to continuously scroll through the window and provides an enhanced view of transactions. Lastly, you can now access the SmartList window with just a single click, permitting easy access from the Web Client window.


Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 is equipped with countless new features. Register for our webinar, “What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018” on Tuesday, January 30, 2018 to see these new tools in action and learn how they can help maximize efficiency and enhance your business processes.

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