Tackling Data Utilization Obstacles in Long-Term Healthcare

Long-term healthcare organizations strive to keep each health facility running efficiently while providing superior care to clients. Yet when acquiring a new facility, trying to integrate their data systems into the main network is not always possible.

Issues with Data Utilization

Collecting and analyzing the data from each long-term healthcare business to create accurate financial reports can become a tedious process. About 58% of facilities still rely on legacy systems as these networks and applications are the only ones that the staff knows how to use. So their old and outdated technology may not be compatible with the current business management systems you are using.

It has also been found that 49% of healthcare providers are still using homegrown applications that have been cobbled together. While it may work for them to use these systems because it is what staff is familiar with, these homegrown applications and systems can be difficult to manage and maintain when new IT staff are hired.

Another issue is that older systems may simply not be providing the accurate information you desire. An average 38% of healthcare staff are dealing with applications that have inaccurate and poor data quality, as it may take several different programs to gather the data and create the required reports.

Integrated ERP Solutions Providing Better Data Visibility

To streamline the disparate systems into something that can be used throughout your multiple long-term healthcare organization, enterprise resource planning (ERP) software can be the answer. ERP is designed to create a unified business management system where all data can be placed into a centralized system. Each facility has access to this data instantly, providing greater transparency and real-time information for better report accuracy.

With faster data gathering and utilization, your organization can provide reliable productivity metrics. Staff can instantly input data more effectively as the data information can be reviewed and used to create comprehensive management practices for increased productivity. Providing data systems and applications that staff can easily understand and use can help spur growth for your long-term healthcare facilities. Integrated ERP solutions can provide them with a higher level of functionality in operations.

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