Combating Price Disruption with NetSuite for Food Service Equipment Distributors

Food service equipment is among the industries experiencing pricing disruptions. With more avenues for restaurants to order directly from the suppliers, cutting out the distributor, restaurant equipment vendors must adapt their business model to these changes. Learn three ways NetSuite helps restaurant equipment distributors compete on price.

Improve Planning & Inventory Management 

Many restaurant distributors struggle with inventory management, whether it’s carrying obsolete inventory that customers no longer want or need or keeping up with trends. NetSuite can decrease planning cycles by 20-30 percent and reduce costs associated with inventory management as well.

By using NetSuite to improve planning and inventory management, distributors can become more competitive on price while offering the latest trends restaurateurs want.

Innovate to Compete on Price

Price points drive purchasing. The more you can maximize business efficiencies, the lower you can drop your prices and still earn a comfortable margin. There are many ways NetSuite helps restaurant equipment distributors compete on price, including by making data more visible to staff. This increases business intelligence, increases productivity, and reduces errors to help your company be more profitable.

NetSuite’s cloud-based system reduces your company’s IT costs, so you maintain 100 percent of those savings.

NetSuite powers distributors in over 160 countries. Find out how it can help you keep up with pricing disruptions to grow your business, or try a free tour to see it in action.

Add Value Through Customer Service 

One area where the smaller players can tackle the giants is customer service. If you go the extra mile for your customers, you’ll be rewarded with loyalty and repeat business. NetSuite enables strong customer service by decreasing delivery time and shipping by 75 percent or greater, and through a 60-85 percent decrease in back orders.

To learn more, get your “Top 6 Ways NetSuite Delivers ROI for Restaurant Equipment Distributors” eBook here.

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