Transfer Express Turns to Socius and Dynamics GP to Drive Efficiency

Transfer Express, a Mentor Ohio based business specializing in heat applied transfers of numbers or names on to sports jersey’s and t-shirts, turned to Socius in an effort to increase efficiency and lower costs. Operating in a small, niche industry, Transfer Express were looking for any edge they could find. Partnering with Socius they decided to switch their systems to Microsoft Dynamics GP, a complete business solution.

Transfer Expresses’ biggest concern was the amount of time they were spending in their previous accounting system. Due to their inefficient legacy system data entry, tracking, and accounting were taking up serious man-hours, cutting in to valuable production time. By switching to Dynamics GP Transfer Express was able to vastly reduce these inefficiencies by eliminating the need to use multiple systems, freeing employees to focus on the more important production matters.

Transfer Express are in the process of moving to the next generation of software to manage their manufacturing and production facility. With Dynamics GP’s versatility and flexibility, Transfer Express are able to upgrade the systems that need enhanced without the risk of damaging vital functions in current systems, and are also able to save costs due to only upgrading the needed systems. Dynamics GP’s easy accessibility means that the data in the system interfaces easily with their new system, saving both time and money.

After switching to Dynamics GP, Transfer Express saw their month end closing process drop down to five days, and have also noted efficiency increases in multiple departments, including credit processing. Tools such as integration manager and process automation for recurring payments have led to increases in efficiency and cost savings. The ease of use of Dynamics GP led to easy cross-training for users, which allowed current employees to take on additional roles rather than hiring in new employees, leading to a direct ROI.

By partnering with Socius, Transfer Express was able to find and implement a flexible, scalable solution to take their organization to the next level.

Hear their story in their own words:

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