Labor Planning for Growers with Dynamics NAV

Planning and keeping track of labor needs can be a challenge for greenhouse grower organizations. With so much time and energy tied up in keeping track of product and other resources, any tool to give your organization an edge can be vital. With Dynamics NAV with Agriware growers get powerful tools to help organize, track, and even forecast labor needs for all of their projects.

By using the role center function users can see breakdowns of labor needs sortable by a wide variety of fields, such as hours needed, months, plant quantity, or even year. Users can see the total number of labor hours needed for each user-defined phase. Dynamics NAV’s powerful forecasting tools also project the expected labor hours needed in the future for projects, not just current jobs. This forecasting ability lets users plan for weeks or even months in the future, rather than reacting on a week by week basis to changing labor needs.

Like all of Dynamics NAV the labor planning module features drill-in functionality, allowing users to see detailed, in-depth breakdowns of the data they are working on. Work orders, once filled, update in the system, allowing for easy comparisons of expected to labor needed, as well as month over month or year over year tracking. The easy integration of Dynamics NAV with other systems also pays dividends for labor planning, as bulk edits of data can be done quickly and easily by exporting to Excel, updating, then importing the updated data back into Dynamics NAV.

Dynamics NAV with Agriware gives greenhouse grower businesses an edge with powerful labor planning tools, easy integration, and deep data visibility.

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