Dynamics GP Vendor Navigation List

Dynamics GP Navigation List is a useful tool to access and perform many functions within Dynamics GP. In other words, it’s like one-stop-shopping. Utilizing it’s features allows you quick access to windows, reports, workflow and data in the system. Even mass update of records. In this documented scenario we will step through the process of placing vendors on hold which do not have the Tax ID field populated. You will also learn how to modify a list and use the filter to narrow down information you want to view. Click Here to view the step by step process in our exercise.

If you are unfamiliar with Navigation List or not sure where they are, well lets get you started.

In Dynamics GP on the far left is the Navigation Pane. Let’s say we click “Purchasing”

The Purchasing Area page will open and you will see again on the far left the “Navigation List” pane. All selections under Purchasing access different areas within Dynamics GP. If you click one of the selections and then need to go back to the Purchasing Area page, click “Purchasing” at the top of the list.

In addition, the Ribbon located at the top of the page accesses windows and overall Dynamics GP functions.

Navigation List provides you with time saving power within Dynamics GP. Explore it’s benefits and find new ways it can help you in your business.