The Truth About Moving to The Cloud

Very rarely do IT professionals get to sit quietly designing, developing and testing new software, anymore. If they are responsible for On-Premise servers, they are managing disconnected systems, applications and data all working within stubborn and sluggish systems. The business is unyielding in their demands for corporate network access and new tools.

Yet, there is still a stigma surrounding the BIG MOVE, either because people think their data isn’t safe in the cloud or that it’s too much work or maybe, it’s just not feasible for their business. Which may apply to some, but many businesses are finding not only a huge cost savings in moving to the cloud, but also that it makes everyone’s jobs so much easier.

So, let me tell you the truth about moving to the cloud:

1. Your data really is more secure in the cloud

Experts are telling us every day that On-Premises systems just aren’t as secure and often many companies are being hacked – and they don’t even know about it. Even if you have a security team, businesses can rarely assemble a team large enough to uncover and protect against the hundreds of possible alerts that come through each day. When you switch to the cloud, your Partner and Microsoft act as an extension of your security team.

Learn more about how Microsoft makes your data security a priority here:

2. You still control your technology
When you move to the cloud the time spent maintaining hardware and upgrading software is significantly reduced—eliminating headaches with it. Now your IT team can focus on advancing your organization’s technology, rather than being a repair service. Instead of spending more of the capital budget on servers for email storage and workloads, you can think strategically and support the business that drives results through technology. In fact, the enhanced BI and reporting capabilities available in the cloud unveil visibility into the business that helps to drive major cost savings.

3. You don’t have to move all of your data

Most implementations start with a hybrid approach—start with moving email to the cloud and grow from there. This hybrid cloud model creates a consistency that simplifies IT and delivers data to users on virtually any device, anywhere. It gives the business more control and allows IT Professionals to deliver the services and capabilities that the industry demands and to scale up or down quickly, while still being cost effective.

4. Continuous updates will help the business, not break critical business applications

When you move to the cloud, you can rest assured that the experts who developed the programs are taking care of the maintenance and updates. Your IT team no longer needs to worry about installing updates, and can instead focus on bigger IT needs. Software updates and fixes are delivered systematically to your environments as soon as they are released. In addition, notifications are sent before the updates happen and you can always pause these updates. The Microsoft portal provides you the control to decide when the updates happen and gives companies ample time for testing.

5. Moving to the cloud can be a simple process, made easier with the right partner
Having the right partner can make all the difference in the success of moving to the cloud. At Socius, we’ll help you every step of the way, with information and tips on change management and growing your system. We can help you identify options, migration possibilities, and a phased approach for hybrid setups. We work with you, so day to day work won’t be disrupted and can help recommend an array of online tools to help transition.

For more help, deciding if a move to the Cloud is right for you call, email, or chat with us here.