Maximizing Engagement with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for portals

In 2017, online self-service has become the most-used channel for providing customer support. And, since 2012, the number of online forums and communities specifically for customer service has increased exponentially. We believe this is due in large part to a rise in social, peer-to-peer brand advocacy and, most of all, trust.

In a world where customer service response rates are expected to be not just fast, but immediate, how do expert providers continue to offer support and ensure high quality without breaking the bank?

In the digital world we live in today, online portals are helping brands connect with their clients in real time, creating self-service that maximizes the efficiency of every interaction, empowering users and organizations.

  • Empower users – Increase brand loyalty and trust by providing self-service access to knowledge, content and business processes that reduce time to complete requests, tasks, and issue resolution while increasing transparency.
  • Provide connected interactions – Provide access to knowledge and resources at any time and on any device with real time interactions between web users and Dynamics 365. Reduce silos of user information and customer data to gain actionable insights.
  • Empower organizations – Gain choice and flexibility with an extensible web portal fully integrated with Dynamics 365. The power reliability and scalability of Dynamics 365 and Azure and allow your organization to focus on high value customer interactions.


As customers increasingly prefer engaging with organizations via web and mobile, the opportunity for Dynamics 365 to play a fundamental role is incredible. Portal interfaces allow everyone, including customers, partners, groups and employees direct access to the information stored in Dynamics 365, creating a connected experience for both external users and internal business operations.

The Dynamics 365 Portal brings customers, employees and partners into business processes and allows Dynamics 365 data to be accessed quickly and easily via the web, maximizing productivity at every touch point.

Here’s a great video to learn more about Microsoft Dynamics Portals: