Simplifying Warehouse Management with Barcode Scanning

Barcodes were first introduced in the 1970s. Although the technology around them has changed dramatically, their purpose remains the same: to enable the automatic identification of unique products or items. First created for grocery store retail solution, barcodes were then adopted to other sectors of business, like warehouse management. Barcodes became a way of life for many companies by creating an easier way to keep track of their assets, while also saving them time. Because of this technology, businesses are able to run more smoothly and efficiently.

Advantages of Barcodes

  1. Speed
  2. Accuracy
  3. Data Integrity
  4. Ease of Implementation
  5. Cost Effectiveness


5 Ways Barcodes Improve Operations                                                

  1. Streamline Shipping and Receiving
    • Barcodes provide a way to monitor the flow of inputs and help with the traceability of items
  2. Effective Manage Inventory
    • Know what you have and where to find it prevents costly disruptions, saves money in purchasing and increases sales revenue
  3. Track Fixed and Circulating Assets
    • Keep track of what you own, easily calculate depreciation, conduct physical inventories and know when to perform preventative maintenance
  4. Automate Data Collection
    • More information can be gathered in a shorter period of time, increasing productivity
  5. Barcodes eliminate manual processes, therefore reducing error


NetSuite Integration

WAERlinx is one of many SuiteApps that integrates with NetSuite to provide a range of warehouse management tools and technologies. All barcode tag formats are accepted, allowing for rapid input and accurate transaction processing. As stock is scanned in or out, the entire supply chain is updated and optimized with no manual intervention.

WAERlinx is easy to use for non-technical employees even though it is a powerful and sophisticated system. It provides high-level management reports for a complete overview of your operation.

For a full list of other apps that can integrate barcoding technology with NetSuite, please visit


Contributed by: Chelsea Kessler, Julie Chastang and Craig Cwynar