Mastering the Top 5 Metrics For Restaurant Distribution with Netsuite

Restaurant equipment distribution organizations face a wide array of unique business challenges. Finding a business solution that will help deal with one, or ideally more than one, of these challenges can be vital. NetSuite, a cloud-based business solution, is the tool more and more restaurant distributors are employing to give their organizations the edge in this highly competitive sphere. Netsuite provides these organizations with a lift in several key metrics with its highly adaptive, flexible nature.

NetSuite provides businesses with improvements in a wide variety of key fields, from business visibility to customer management. Businesses reported an increase of 50-80% in data visibility and actionable insights when compared to legacy on-site systems, allowing for better tracking of inventory and reduced errors. Along these same lines, Netsuite gave users perks in inventory management, with decreases in inventory costs being reported in the range of 20-30%, as well as 75-80% improvement in order fulfillment.

 IT Management is another problem area for many organizations, but with Netsuite users who switched from legacy systems saw tech support costs reduced by 50-75%, and similar savings in continuing support and disaster recovery costs. Customer management also saw drastic improvements. Organizations using Netsuite saw a decrease in customer back order issues in the range of 60-85%, as well as improvements in delivery efficiency in the range of 75-90%. Users also see improvements in financial management, with increases of 30-50% in accounting staff productivity being reported after switching. Users also reported lowered times in closing financial books and days sales outstanding.

With its dynamic, flexible platform and wide array of tools Netsuite gives restaurant equipment distribution businesses the key performance boosts they need to operate at a higher level.

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