Is Your Team Functional?

Jason NiclaouA personal interpretation by Jason Nicolaou of the book The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni copyright 2002.


Many times team building is considered a department specific activity designed to coordinate activities among subordinates.  The Five Dysfunctions of a Team explores the transformation of the most influential team of all at DecisionTech…the executive team.  The concepts described in this book will not only make you a better team leader, but will also make you a better team member.

The foundation of this idea is trust.  This includes more than the ability to predict a reaction, or that a result will happen.  This “trust” creates an environment where vulnerability is not a weakness, but rather an opportunity for a teammate to be exactly that.  This isn’t a free ride though, this arrangement also creates a level of accountability far beyond answering to your boss.  The healthy conflict coupled with a solid commitment to clear goals drives this team to produce results beyond expectations.

Team Dysfunctions


The structure of this book gives readers the opportunity to get to know the team.  Then the reader naturally reflects on what team member is most like him/her.  As DecisionTech’s journey is outlined, additional exercises are presented to address the 5 dysfunctions.  The added value is that as the team completes the exercises, the reactions are also presented in a way that reflects how different people might interpret the situation.  Mr. Lencioni strikes a balance between explaining the people puzzle and driving results within an organization.