NetSuite Release 2017.1

NetSuite just released the 2017.1 release! Do you know of all the added changes and benefits? Below are the five biggest changes you can take advantage of with the 2017.1 release! Need more details? No problem, we have attached the release notes or you can contact us with any questions!



1.) Performance Improvement of Custom Lists: A specific List column has been added to the Custom Lists page, therefore when you are trying to edit a specific value, it will be easily and directly found be to edited, instead of going through long lists of values.

2.) Inventory Enhancements: Vendor Dashboards will allow you to see vendor data pulled from records without needing to search each record individually. Also, you can use the Use Item Cost as a Transfer Cost option on intercompany transfer orders.

3.) Advanced Intercompany Journal Entry: NetSuite 2017.1 has created the Automated Intercompany Management feature which now allows you to click the new Auto Balance button for elimination of lines automatically for balancing transactions.

4.) Promotion enhancements with SuitePromotions: Customers are no longer restricted to using only one promotion for a single transaction. SuitePromotions allows you to put several promotions into one order or transaction.

5.) Printing Saved Search Results in Advanced PDF Templates: If the advanced PDF Templates feature is brought up in the pop up window, one can print saved search results. Additionally, when one views a result of a saved search, you are able to use filters to have specific results up.

NetSuite serves as the #1 cloud ERP for small to medium sized businesses. The global software service is trusted by over 40,000 organizations of multiple industries and this number is growing increasingly. This flexible platform can be used for a broad range of business applications, and is currently the fastest growing Financial Management System.