5 Reasons Greenhouse Growers Need ERP Instead of Excel

Todd WatermanFor many businesses Microsoft Excel has become the primary data source for their company. While Excel is a powerful and useful tool, using it as a primary data source is rarely, if ever, a good idea. Businesses with specific needs, such as Greenhouse Growers, would be far better served by a full-scale ERP Solution such as Dynamics NAV with Agriware. Excel remains a useful tool, but the simple fact is it was never designed to be used as a primary data source. Here are five reasons Excel falls short as a primary data source:


Greenhouse Grower ProductionToo technical

Excel is a highly technical, complicated program. This often leads to the majority of employees being unfamiliar with its ins and outs, leaving the work in the hands of a small number of “braintrust employees”

Size Does Matter

Excel files can be large and unwieldy, causing them to take extended amounts of time to load, or even cause crashes when attempting to load them

Operator Error

Excel has no built-in error detection or correction, meaning it’s up to users to spot and correct any mistakes

Getting Permission

Excel has no built in permissions system. Important projects can sit, unprotected, in user’s documents folder

Getting on the Same Page

With one or two users responsible for doing all the heavy lifting, it can take a long time to get required data from different departments, then even more time to load that in to Excel

For businesses such as Greenhouse growers, Excel should be a tool in the arsenal, not the primary component. A complete ERP solution, such as Dynamics NAV with Agriware, is ideal. Dynamics NAV with Agriware includes a wide variety of tools for:

  • Financial Management
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Purchasing
  • Inventory
  • Manufacturing


This highly flexible system gives all users increased access to the data they need to perform their jobs. A simple, intuitive interface means keeping records is no longer the job of a select few employees. With powerful Agriware Tools specifically designed for agricultural based businesses Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an ideal choice for powering and managing Greenhouse Grower businesses.

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