Put BI in the Hands of Every User with NetSuite for Restaurant Equipment Distribution

Businesses are often only as good as their technology. Businesses that stick with outdated, on-site systems often find themselves being surpassed rapidly by their competitors. This is particularly true for industries such as restaurant equipment distribution, where the needs of both the business and customer, are constantly changing. However good the technology, it is only as good as the access users have to it. There is, however, a solution that provides organizations both the top of the line technology and users access that will set them apart from the pack.

NetSuite Business InsightNetsuite is an ERP solution that gives organizations a wide array of tools for maximizing their business, including a top of the line Business Intelligence (BI) package. Powered by NetSuite’s SuiteAnalytics database the BI suite offers customizable dashboards based on the user’s job type and classification. This ensures that users always have access to real-time, up to date business data, all of it relevant to their specific role and needs. CEO’s may have the ability to see detailed reports from different business segments, while sales reps are given the tools they need to accurately track their sales numbers, and forecast future data.

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Netsuite features over 300 BI functions directly “out of the box”, ranging from tasks such as data analysis to actionable intelligence. These functions are not strictly limited to “in house” users either, as Netsuite offers the ability to extend functions to users outside of the organization as well, such as partners, vendors, or even customers.

Netsuite’s powerful Business Intelligence tools give restaurant supply distribution organizations the customizable, in depth functions that they need to not only stay up to date and competitive, but to excel in a crowded marketplace.

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