How Azure Helps You Move Fast and Grow

In our ever changing and rapidly evolving world, having the right technology for your business is more important than ever before. Organizations stuck with older, outdated technology can run into real, serious problems, particularly when it comes to scalability and growth. There is, however, a better option.

By switching to a Microsoft Azure, a cloud based solution that enables companies to save money, time, and IT resources, organizations can not only grow, but grow quickly. Microsoft Azure offers users the ability to scale their operations as needed, deploying only the resources that are actually needed, as opposed to expensive suites of programs that are not actually in use. This enables companies to start with the basic functions, at a low cost, and roll out more functionality as growth dictates. This not only keeps down costs, but frees up valuable IT resources for other projects as well.

Cloud Impact on SMBs

A recent study showed that an astounding 91% of companies polled believed switching to a cloud based system from a legacy, on-site system would have a major impact on their organization. These are not just pipe dreams, as an incredible 93% of companies that switched saw an improvement in some aspect of their IT as a result of moving to the cloud, and 70% reported that they have been able to reinvest funds back in to their business as a result of switching to the cloud.

Cloud Reinvestment of Funds

Microsoft Azure is the ideal solution for businesses looking move fast and grow by switching from on-site, legacy systems to a cloud-based, modern solution. By offering organizations the ability to scale their infrastructure to their needs it saves time, resources, and money, but also offers the flexibility for rapid growth.

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