Dynamics NAV + Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement Are a Winning Combination in NAV 2017

Ready to Upgrade?One of the greatest strengths of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 is its ease of integration with solutions including Power BI and Office365.  However, the definitive integration is the meshing of Microsoft Dynamics NAV with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement (CRM).

While direct integration with CRM has been a feature in previous versions of Dynamics NAV, it’s gotten even easier to set-up in NAV 2017, which means you can start reaping the many benefits faster.

Key advantages start with the sharing of data that previously would have been siloed in a given application. Now, the same customer information that appears under customers and contact files in Dynamics 365 can instantly appear in accounts payable in NAV, for example, and vice versa.

Secondly, the ease with which commodity pricing and sales order information can be generated, entered, packaged and then sent to accounting for processing in the Dynamics 365-NAV integration cuts out multiple layers of people having to translate sales data to finance data. Instead, the system automatically does the work behind the scenes, reducing the number of administrative steps between a sales order and final accounts payable invoicing.

Finally, the integration process is extremely easy to implement. A default set of steps is involved without variation. Because both systems are designed to work with each other, the integration is almost as simple as a plug and play. Granted there are few steps to follow, but the synchronization of features and data files access is amazingly easy to effect. Best of all, the information is live data across both systems, ensuring users are always working with the latest version unified across all app platforms.

For those worried about the wrong hands fiddling with a customer account; access can be manually customized and controlled as necessary. After working with the new features and seamless linking of data connections, most sales and accounting managers are going to regret not integrating these systems sooner.

See how easy it is to integrate Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement (aka CRM Online) with Dynamics NAV 2017 in this quick video:

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