Power BI in Dynamics NAV 2017 is Your Report Design Genesis  

Ready to Upgrade?Microsoft has moved serious mojo into enterprise design. Now, mind you, the company was already well into the stratosphere with Dynamics NAV. Then they married the tool with Office 365, bringing the enterprise office productivity suite to an entirely new evolutionary level. One would think that would be a full cup in terms of an IT software servings, but the latest Dynamics NAV platform comes with a lot more, and that beautiful feature is packaged in the form of Power BI.

Power BI is a direct gift to those who want more than just a standard template in an enterprise platform. Power BI includes a toolbox of features that unlock the digital expansion features of the data a company already has in its record, files and information deposits with customizable report potential. A user starts with the initial view of analytical perspective, gaining a direct tap into the current state of database existence in the enterprise system. In short, no matter where the data is in the system or on the connected cloud, you see it – a combined enterprise brain control of your information. It’s the aspect that every enterprise system has always promised but never quite delivered. And now Power BI just made this gem available.

A user company starts with templates already embedded in Power BI, but these are just there to whet the appetite. Once a Power user gets into the rhythm of what the tools offer, it’s off to the races. The combination of performance metric capture and display through visual production is really on limited by what a user can generate or needs. It’s finally a business intelligence management that makes practical sense and delivers accordingly. And it’s all packaged inside Microsoft’s Dynamics NAV 2017 with a bow tied on top.


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