A New View of HR Balances in GP 2016

Ready to Upgrade?Microsoft Dynamics GP features several new and enhanced features, increasing the functionality and ease of use of the already top of the line systems. Some are big, sweeping improvements, designed to help in specialized situations. Others are smaller, less vital, but equally important improvements that make users lives easier in smaller ways, day to day.

One such improvement is the ability to view Human Resources accruals, such as sick time or vacation, in both the time management tile and the preview plane of navigation lists.

Previously they were only viewable in Payroll, not Human Resources, but in GP 2016 they can be enabled in HR as well. Accruals are visible both in the dashboard of HR, broken down in up to five tiles of time codes, showing in alphabetical order, or in the preview pane of navigation lists, with a detail view available.

Both the current and historic time cards navigation lists will show the current balances for the first five timecodes enabled. Attendance information is also available and sortable.

This improvement, while not a “game changer” by most, is a helpful practical consideration, saving users time by eliminating the need to switch between systems when looking for accrual information. This is just one more example of the continuing effort to make Dynamics GP the premier ERP solution.
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