New Video Release: Managing Project Budgets Efficiently on Dynamics AX (2 min 36 sec)

This brief video demonstration is for current and prospective Microsoft Dynamics AX customers in the professional services industry seeking an enterprise solution to assist project management and budgeting.

Project managers have a tough job. They are many times responsible for the budgeting, delivery and funding of a firm’s projects. That is quite a balancing act. So, project managers need a best friend – and their best friend is real-time data they can base important budgeting decisions off of.

AXIO for Professional Services powered by Microsoft Dynamics AX can be that best friend for your project manager. The enterprise ERP solution provides advanced budgeting and oversight capabilities to project managers. They can view multiple budgeting dashboards, including Actual vs. Budgeted, and deep dive into particular numbers. Project managers can even allocate portions of the budget to specific tasks – that way everyone knows what needs to be done.

Watch the video below to view a Dynamics AX expert demonstrate how project managers can take full advantage of the dashboards and manage their projects more efficiently.

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