AP Invoice Payment Changes in NAV 2016

Ready to Upgrade?Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 allows you to have a full view of your accounts payable processes and keeps you on task.

Within the Accounts Payable role center, you are easily able to discover what you need to pay and which invoices are due for you to pay right now. To find this information, you can simply look into your activities dashboard and find a tile that is labeled ‘Purchase Invoices Due Today’.

NAV 2016 looks at the due date of your invoices and will include everything that is due today and prior in a list. If the invoice is past due, it is colored red, as NAV 2016 makes it easy to see what needs your attention.

Also within the role center, you are able to look at Aged Accounts Payable. These Aging Reports show the details of all the past due invoices that are sitting out in accounts payable. Before generating the report, you are able to filter by vendor or any other field for the vendor record you would like. The detailed Aging Report will show you the details of all of the invoices due and the age of the invoices in an easy to read format.

Back within the role center, you are also able to process a payment run in the Payment Journal.  A unique function of NAV 2016 will actually make suggestions about which invoices you should pay. You simply must enter the appropriate filters and postdates to get these recommendations. After posting the transaction, the paid invoices are pulled out of being open and the accounts payable and cash balance are both reduced automatically.