What’s New in NAV 2016 for AP Transactions

Ready to Upgrade?Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 makes accounts payable transactions a simple process.

Within the Accounts Payable role center, you can easily select and navigate to the New Purchase Invoice document. This document has both a general information section and a lines section.

The general information section is where you enter information about vendor and vender invoice numbers. NAV 2016 doesn’t require you to know the vendor number off the top of your head. It allows you to do a quick and easy search using a filter by name, contact, city, etc.

In the lines section of the document, you are able to distribute to the General Ledger for the invoice. You simply must add the GL account, quantity, and invoice amount. The division and department codes are automatically populated from the defaults you set for that vendor.

NAV 2016 also allows you to keep adding additional lines or distribute in any way you need. In the bottom of the document, the total is shown and you are able to post the invoice. After posting an invoice, the invoice is recorded as a payable and you can easily see an adjustment to the balance for the vendor. In addition, the distributions to the General Ledger and dimensions have automatically been made.

By automatically populating your documents and completing transactions behind the scenes, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 makes your process hassle-free.


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