New Video Release: Using Guided Tasks to Accelerate User Adoption (3 min 8 sec)

This brief video demonstration is for current and prospective Microsoft Dynamics AX customers seeking an enterprise solution which drives seamless user adoption.

When selecting a new ERP solution, it is important to factor in the time it will take for its every day users to adopt. It’s not easy to switch between ERP solutions – buttons are in different places, page layouts are different and short-cuts can require different key strokes. Change can be confusing and affect a user’s confidence.

On AXIO powered by Microsoft Dynamics AX, guided tasks assist users in completing tasks they feel uncomfortable completing on their own. Step-by-step instructions appear on the screen, guiding users through different task processes. By integrating guided tasks directly on AXIO, users don’t have to toggle between two screens or look up how to enter a certain type of project. This enables users to continue their work flow, complete tasks quicker and adopt the ERP solution faster and more completely.

Watch as a Dynamics AX expert shows you how easy guided tasks make the user adoption process!

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