Top 3 Changes You’ll See in Dynamics GP 2016

With each successive iteration, Microsoft Dynamics GP strives to top itself, improve on its already industry standard user experience. For its 2016 release Dynamics GP features several system-wide improvements, including upgrades to functionality, customization, and interface.

One key advancement is readily apparent. The interface has been changed to be more intuitive and user friendly. The system is now easier to navigate, and pages are more customizable. Navigation now occurs with HTML 5, an upgrade over Silverlight, and the homepage now features a greater range of customization options. When using the web client the banner now features a log in/log out drop down, as well as showing what company the user is logged in to. Web client support has been updated to include support for Android and iOS devices, as well as Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, and Microsoft Edge.

A major update has been made to the workflow condition management system. Previously, should a step in the workflow not be able to be completed the workflow would simply refuse to move forward. Now there are options to enable the workflow to simply skip the step, moving on to the next one. These selections are customizable for each individual step. There is also an option to enable email notifications for alternate final approvers, a feature previously available only to default approvers.

There is a wide variety of other improvements, from the ability to scan multiple pages at a time to the ability to import and export SmartLists for easy transport between implementations. This includes both default or “favorite” SmartLists, as well as the ability to modify those existing lists, as well as creating new ones.

These are just a few of the wide range of new features and improvements made to Dynamics GP for their 2016 edition. These upgrades make the industry leading software even more accessible, customizable, and functional.

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