7 Features I Love in Dynamics AX 7

Jennifer Johnson

Quick-QuizThere’s a lot to love about the new release of Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Dynamics AX 7 includes some groundbreaking advancements on the back-end.  However, from a user perspective, it offers just as many exciting new features and functionality that make your life easier.  These are my favorites:

1.  Workspaces

The use of workspaces, especially on a touchscreen, is becoming much more native technology in every area of our work and personal lives.  Teaching New AX users where to find a given function will be exponentially easier using workspaces, and the menu doesn’t drastically change based upon the device utilized.

AX 7 Workspaces

2. Personalization

Right Click > Personalize is now Options > Personalize and the features are enhanced for the New Dynamics AX. Users can optimize the screen viewing to fit tasks.  Reorder columns, skip columns when tabbing during data entry, and indicate if a field should be edited or left at a static value.    While there is some debate between when personalization should stop and development should start, I find this functionality a strong feature for end users that may require a different screen view than their peers.

3.  Screen Color

AX 7 Screen Color Options

While I’m personalizing my screen, I might as well go to my user options and change the size of my workspace icons and the color of my screens.  Anyone that runs multiple instances of AX will appreciate being able to modify screen color.

AX 7 Screen Colors

4. The Deprecation of Warehouse Management II

Okay, so technically this occurred with AX 2012 R3 CU8, but there was no huge announcement.  The features in the new Advanced Warehouse Management are much more advanced and configurable than the original. Yes, the configuration may be a bit daunting, but it’s not unmanageable. Advanced Warehouse Management has the flexibility to be a simpler configuration where appropriate, or provide the foundation for the most complex warehouse schemes.

5. Searching on the Product Name

Without doubt, one of the frustrations with Dynamics AX was the inability to search on product name in the drop down from items in purchase orders and sales orders.

While AX 2012 R3 offers a cool search feature so that searching for the product name may be configured, really, it would be nice to search in the main screen.  The New Dynamics AX has addressed this:

AX 7 Search Product

6. Filtered Favorites as a Workspace tile

Many AX users utilize filtered favorites and filtered cue’s for quick access to ad-hoc reporting.  If you need to monitor all PO’s for a specific vendor, a filtered list is an easy way to do this.  Filtered favorites stay in the New Dynamics AX. And now when saved, they become a nice tile on the record and not just a list. Murray Fife has written a great blog post that details this feature.

7.  Task Guides

The New Dynamics AX Task Guides within the application make the previous task recorder feel like chipping instructions into rocks. Those who’ve invested many hours in the previous task recorder should embrace this new feature. Sure, the task recording may still be viewed as an exported file, but the task recording may be played as a task guide in that the recording will interactively walk the user through the steps as they complete the process. This post from Microsoft details the features.  As a bonus, editing and cleaning up the task recorder may be completed as it’s built which will most definitely speed up editing of the task recordings and should result in an increase in user adoption.

AX 7 Task

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