Dynamics NAV – To Upgrade or Not To Upgrade

The thought of upgrading any software can be a scary undertaking, but not doing an upgrade could end up being worse. As such, what factors should you take into consideration?

Why Upgrade?ms dynamics nav logo

  • To stay current with technology
  • Need or want to utilize new features in the new version
  • Current, older version of NAV no longer supported on newer hardware and operating systems
    • NAV 4.0 and older won’t run on Windows 7 / 8
    • NAV 2013/2015/2016 won’t run on Windows XP

Upgrade Considerations

  • Budget
    • What’s the cost of the software upgrade?
    • What about training, etc.?
    • Do we need new hardware?
    • Is additional software required? SQL-Server?
      • NAV 2016 requires MS SQL-Server
  • Internal Staffing Requirements
    • Who is going to be the internal project manager?
    • Will we allocate resources to testing the upgrade?
    • Timing
      • Do we have a “busy time” of the year? (Seasonal?)
      • Do we have adequate time to test?
      • Are we allowing enough time to do the upgrade?
        • Do NOT rush the process!

Estimating the Cost

  • Start with the upgrade quote
  • Know the scope of the upgrade
    • Objects that are/aren’t included
    • New functionality that replaces existing modifications
    • Modifications that can’t be brought forward
  • Add time for additional programming that might be needed
  • Include costs for hardware & other software upgrades
  • Include training time, project management and “emotional support”

Setting Expectations

  • You must be prepared for
    • Resistance from employees
    • Time devoted to testing
    • Coordinating efforts for hardware, software and database delivery
    • “Who is responsible for what?” document
    • Check schedule of all involved parties
    • Discuss database “down time” for final cutover

Most Important Phase

  • T E S T I N G!!!
  • Once you’ve tested, then you must test some more.
  • And finally, test some more!!
  • Check to make sure that all postings are happening as you expect, reports are giving expected information, and that data looks OK


  • Ensure that all testing is complete and signed off
  • The entire team must be available
    • Your internal team
      • IT, Project Managers, Users
    • The SBS Group team
      • Upgrade Developer, Trainer
    • Plan for SBS Group to be onsite/available for 1-3 days
      • Processes may have been missed during testing
    • Stick to the timeline as any change affects the entire outcome

What could derail the upgrade?

  • Adding new modifications to your current database after the upgrade process has begun
  • Doing development in the testing database
  • Failing to track and verify the testing process
  • Didn’t allocate enough time for testing/training
  • Team members aren’t available
  • Lack of support from company management
  • Loss of key personnel

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