3 Things to Know about Field One for CRM

CRM Mobile-InfographicWith Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 announced, there are a lot of amazing updates to get through. One such update is the acquisition and addition of Field One. Field One is a native CRM application that works seamlessly on mobile and is embedded in CRM 2016. The addition of Field One to Microsoft Dynamics CRM you will be able to not only track the service representative’s schedule, but also allow for on the go changes, and a more efficient reporting system.

The addition of a service board will do wonders for the efficiencies of your field service team. This will give you access to all of your service representative’s schedules including travel time. It has a built in GPS that combined with having access to the real time data of service representative progress will allow your company to change schedules on the fly in urgent situations. While this happens, all users will be notified of the change, including customers.

An aspect that will bridge the gap from your company to your customers is the ability for the field service representatives to input information on the spot. This will give everyone who will interact with your customers information, that otherwise could be lost over time. Before adding Field One to Dynamics CRM, the representative had to wait until end of day to input this information, causing a potential loss of data. With this new system in place, everyone on your customer facing team will have the knowledge needed to best please the customer.

With Field One being a very mobile friendly application, service representatives doing timeless paperwork between clients will be a thing of the past. This will allow the representatives to streamline their reporting process by filling out forms on CRM as soon as a task is completed. No longer will they have to fill out their paperwork at the end of the visit, once all tasks are completed. This will lower the travel and overhead time, allowing representatives to reach more customers throughout the day. All three of these innovations will lead to greater customer happiness, and employee efficiency.

Everyone knows that customers are key to a successful business. Why would you not want to do everything to keep your customers happy? Adding Field One to CRM can make that so much more likely to happen. Now customers will not have to block off half of their day if they need a technician, they will know when and what they are getting in real time, and when they have any questions or comments anyone will be able to answer and help them not just the field service representative. When customers get this kind of attention they will not only stay your customer, but spread the word about your great service and help you to get more customers and grow your business.

Field One will become an integral part of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016, and we are excited to have it already included!

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